Life As We Know It

by World Weary

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released August 7, 2015

Recorded by Jake Marlowe and Ian Boult
Mixed by Ian Boult (Stuck On A Name)
Mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege)



all rights reserved


World Weary London, UK

London hardcore. Powertrip Records.

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Track Name: The Heat Of Hate
feel the heat of hate
as it burns away at your face
the furnace of fear contain
all those who oppose my rage

we dont need no segragation
We dont need no seperation
your mind is closed
but your mouth is open
you're nothing but a bad seed
with words of poison

no hard feelings for you and me

you've been walking the blindside
always turning a blindeye
we cant re-write the past
but we can change the future
With no judge, no jury, just the executioner.

no hard feelings for you and me
they dont care for you and me

strike the match
burn it down to the ground

in the furnace of fear is where you spend your days
the agonising pain of the endless flames
Track Name: Voiceless
Those who have no voice
Are those who have no choice

Enslaved, kidnapped and raped
Murdered for nothing
And born into pain
Human ignorance
Killing innocence
Shedding no tears for the ending of lives

Unseen they suffer
Unheard they cry
In agony they linger
In loneliness they die

The right for life DENIED

No justice
Track Name: Neglect
In a nation of neglect
You gotta do for yourself
What’s said is said and what’s done is done
As I live a life I didn’t want

There is no truce
There is no hope
How can I cope
When I breathe to choke
In this shell I dwell parallel to hell

They take from us everything
And they always earn
Yet give nothing in return

So tell me how to be
Because I don’t know anymore

In the eye of the storm
When it rains it pours

In the eye of the storm
When it rains it pours
This is life as we know it
And we cant take no more
We’re born to bleed
As we’re forced to our knees
In this nation of neglect
You gotta do for yourself

I pray for rain
I pray for rain to
Wash away this pain
Wash away this place
Wash away my sorrow
Wash away tomorrow